Green Lantern

This Green Lantern inspired costume was made with a green Gildan Youth T-shirt that was colored using a black and green fabric pen for the designs and muscles. The mask was made from 2mm green craft foam, hand cut using an exacto knife and then heat shaped using a heat gun. This process requires heating the foam on both sides to make it more pliable and then placing the mask on a shape (styrofoam head) to form fit it. When the foam cools it retains the shape of the styrofoam head. The ring was made using a blank ring template that is 8mm and made from aluminum. a .5 inch foam circle was cut out and stamped with the green lantern logo and glued to the ring template using Aleene’s glue. Mod podge was used to seal the stamped logo so it wouldn’t smudge.

Lantern Corps Emblems

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