2mm Craft Foam

2mm Craft Foam is available at all respectable Craft Stores and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. We prefer to get the 9 x 12 inch sheets, but you can also get the 5.5 x 8.5 inch sheets. Make sure to take advantage of 40% and up off coupons that are readily available from all the major chains. With the discount you’ll usually get about 40 sheets (9x12) for around $5.00. That can make about 80 masks depending on the templates you choose!

Craft Foam Markers

Creative Hands Foam Markers are available from a variety of online retailers. We found ours at Hobby Lobby. Compared to the Foamies Markers, the Creative Hands Markers appear to be brighter. We prefer them over the Foamies, but the Foamies do work as well and you might find colors from Foamies that you can’t find for Creative Hands. The trick with the markers is to always start with the lightest color first and don’t saturate the foam, do light layers, allowing the ink to dry between coats for best results. These retail for around $6.00 to $7.00 a pack so make sure to use one of those readily available 40% off coupons when you buy them!

Elastic barbed cord

This is actually one of the harder items to locate. We had seen these packaged in Creatology mask kits available from most Craft retailers, however it took a bit of sleuthing to figure out what the correct name for these were. Initially, we tried to locate just the barbed ends, with the expectation that we could attach them ourselves to 2mm elastic cords. However, we were unsuccessful in locating a retailer that sold these for a reasonable price. We ended up getting these thru Ebay for about $25 for 100 cords. You’ll want to get ones that are between 11-13 inches. Be careful as these are also made for neck lanyards and come in much longer pieces, around 30 inches, which is way too big for a mask. We have found some manufacturers in China that will produce these by the 1000s but that requires a bit more investment so we’re sticking with ordering 100 at a time for now.

Foam Cutting Tools

There are many options when it comes to cutting foam, but our favorites are plain jane kid’s scissors and an 18mm Rotary cutter from Olfa. Foam is notorious for dulling blades quickly, so while you can use an Exacto Blade, you’ll soon find that you need to sharpen the blade frequently between cuts. For this reason, we’d recommend using the Rotary Blade and Scissors instead. The 18mm blade is small enough to get into most corners and if you find it too difficult, then fall back to the scissors. The rotary blade also will ensure you get a nice smooth and even cut on your foam. The Rotary blade retails for around $10, so use that coupon again!

Self Healing Cutting Mat

The Self Healing Cutting Magnetic Mat with metal ruler from We R Memory Keepers is by far our favorite cutting mat! And if you plan on using a Rotary blade or Exacto knife to cut your masks, you definitely need to pick one up. This is rather pricy as it retails for $30, but just remember you can always use that 40% Coupon when you go to buy it!

Craft Foam Glue

If you plan on layering your foam masks for extra detail then you’ll definitely want to pick up a bottle of Foamies Glue. The trick with this glue is to apply a thin layer of it on only one piece of the foam you want to bond, then allow the glue to turn from white to clear and carefully apply your 2 pieces of foam together. They will then bond instantly. We use a wooden popsicle stick to apply the glue so we can spread it out nice and even. This allows the glue to dry faster and it also prevents unwanted bumps in between the layers of foam. This glue retails for around $6 a bottle. Again, don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon when purchasing.