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Greetings and welcome to CosCave.com! We’re here to celebrate your cos (we’re soo punny!). You can help support other’s cos’s too by donating for our next event!

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Donations are great, but maybe you’d like to help us even more! We’re always looking for sponsorship of our events and you can help make our events even better by becoming an official sponsor. Sponsor’s get special recognition and it’s a great way to give back to your community and help kids with their cos!


Choose a donation! You can select a specific item to donate, like shirts or markers, or you can make a cash donation of any amount!


Sponsorship packages available. Show your spirit and give back to your community. By sponsoring an event you ensure the best experience possible for kids in your community!

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It takes a village! Each event we host is backed by our Go Fund Me campaign. You can participate by funding us and helping make a child’s cos even more memorable!


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We’d love to see what your cos is all about. Tell us what you loved about our event or see what others are saying!

Superhero Mask Templates


A place to see your superhero inspired cos!

Anime Mask Templates


A place to see your Anime inspired cos!

Fandom Mask Templates


A place to see your fandom inspired cos!

My Little Pony Mask Templates
Twilight Sparkle Mask
Apple Jack Mask
Pinkie Pie Mask
Rarity Mask
Flutter Shy Mask
Rainbow Dash Mask
Spike Mask

Pop!Con 2015

We hosted the Kids Korner at Pop!Con 2015, check out some of the cool costumes that were made!

Prep Work

We’re always working to refine the experience to make it the best possible. That means we get to test a few concepts to see if it works well or not. As we learn from hosting these events, we’ll share what works best and what blows up in our faces!

SVG Downloads

X-men Inspired Masks

Mutant and proud! Check out our collection of our favorite X-men inspired masks!

Avengers inspired Masks

Avengers Assemble! And then check out some of these fan favorite designs including Captain America, Ironman, and The Mighty Thor!

Justice League inspired Masks

The Halls of Justice are overflowing with our favorite members such as The Flash, Batman, and Hawkgirl. Will you solemnly swear to uphold justice for all?

Spiderman inspired Masks

Spiderman and his amazing friends are waiting for you to join in the fight against crime. Check out these Spiderman, Spiderwoman, and Firestar inspired masks.

Batman inspired Masks

Join the Dark Knight as he watches over Gotham. Select from a variety of masks including Batman, Catwoman, and Nightwing!

Costume inspired Masks

Hey, it’s not all just about superheros you know! Check out this collection of costume inspired masks that are sure to please all the citizens who wish to remain neutral in the battle between hero and villain!

Seeing is Believing

We’ve done a lot of leg work digging up what materials work best for costume building for children. Finding the right balance between authentic looking costumes and ease of use is our main priority. Our goal is to get the kids involved as much as possible so that they can learn just how easy it is to be creative and end up with something they can be proud of!

Your mask, your way

Choose from a variety of templates and colors. Making a mask couldn’t be easier!


Choose your template

Pick out your favorite design.


Select a Color

Select the colors you want to use.


Cut it out

Cut out your mask.

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